Networking pricing

Eliminate upfront cost & risk for compute-intensive multiplayer

Pay per networking instance

When you start a game server, we start an instance of SpatialOS to run alongside it. We manage this for you. We call this managed instance a “SpatialOS networking instance”. We charge according to the number and size of SpatialOS networking instances you use, to the nearest minute. Games that need less networking use fewer instances and cost less. Bigger, more complex worlds need more and so cost more.

Save time and reduce risk when building computationally demanding multiplayer

SpatialOS lets you push the computational limits of multiplayer gameplay by improving the performance of individual game servers and allowing you to use multiple servers in a single game world.

Studios that want to do this themselves have to spend considerable time and resources building or optimising their own networking stack – or a third party’s. For example, if they’re using Unreal networking, this could require extensive expertise with Replication Graph, or even multithreading the Unreal engine.

With SpatialOS, you can reduce or even eliminate those risks. You get the performance benefits immediately while retaining the flexibility to make design changes later on without having to re-optimise your networking.

Development & gameplay tools included

Included in the networking price are our gameplay, testing and inspection tools, to enable you to more efficiently create your game.

  • Multi-server networking to add gameplay depth and grow the scale of your world
  • High-throughput, low-latency databasing means you can give your game a persistent, living history
  • Tools to accelerate your create/test/learn iteration loop

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Hosting & networking costs: PvPvE example

SpatialOS makes it faster, easier and more affordable to create computationally demanding games that exceed the capabilities of a single game server. This example shows the difference in hosting and networking costs for two cloud-hosted PvPvE games, one using native Unreal networking and one using SpatialOS networking:

  • The backend costs are slightly higher for the SpatialOS game because the game is using more compute per player. This increase can be as low as ~$0.01 per MAU2, potentially just~1% of game revenue3 for typical games.
  • In return for this extra cost, you get the ability to build a more engaging experience for your players. And this performance is immediately available – you don’t need to spend weeks or months optimising an existing networking stack.

Further savings (to egress, for example) are available by hosting the game on a hybrid mix of bare metal and cloud infrastructure.

  1. Scenarios based on relative performance difference observed when benchmarking SpatialOS networking and Unreal networking for a game using Unreal Engine.
  2. Both scenarios assume 100:1 MAU:CCU ratio.
  3. Avg game revenue benchmarks = $1.00-2.50 per MAU.

Get started for free

You can evaluate and start developing with SpatialOS for free. The free tier provides you with everything you need to get started:

  • A SpatialOS networking instance to run a multi-server game
  • Cloud servers for hosting your game session
  • Our GDKs and development tooling
  • Free support via our forums, Discord and documentation

No payment details required

Book a consultation

Even for the most established studios, forecasting multiplayer costs is never easy. Our Networking team has extensive experience working on AAA titles, so get in contact to:

  • Get a guided explanation of SpatialOS
  • Get a tailored cost estimate based on your hosting and networking requirements
  • Discuss our range of support packages


When using SpatialOS you pay for managed networking instances. You also need to host your game using Improbable’s Operations service.

The prices for our publicly available SpatialOS networking instances are available in our documentation.

We have a free tier that provides sufficient hosting servers and networking instances to evaluate and start developing with SpatialOS. We provide you with sufficient hosting and networking resources to run a single deployment 24/7. You can read about it in our online documentation.

When using SpatialOS, you also need to host your game using Improbable’s Operations Service. You need to pay for your game servers in addition to your networking instances.

There is no relation between our Co-development pricing and our Networking pricing. Please visit our Co-development page

Please contact us to discuss your game in detail. We will then provide you with some tailored pricing estimates.

  • Support for live games is free.

  • We provide free support when developing with SpatialOS via our Forums and Discord. If you want additional help during development, we have a range of support packages available. Please contact us for more information.

Please get in touch with us directly or head over to our pricing documentation.