Multiplayer Operations

Launch and operate with less risk. Use our complete managed hosting service.

Launching and operating a successful multiplayer game is hard. Too many games fall short of their potential due to scalability, stability and latency issues, while high operating costs force some studios to monetise players in a way that undermines the player experience. That’s why Improbable joined forces with the game operations experts from zeuz to provide a complete managed hosting solution that greatly reduces the risk of launching and operating multiplayer games.

Leading-edge game server orchestration

We host your game servers using our global network of over 15 bare-metal and cloud providers. Our container-based orchestration technology lets you balance the cost efficiency of bare metal with the flexibility of cloud based on your game’s needs – all controlled through a single developer-friendly API.

Minimise costs with a hybrid cloud

We minimise hosting costs by finding you the right mix of bare-metal and cloud servers throughout your game’s lifecycle. By using our orchestration technology to combine both seamlessly, you can save more than 50% compared with cloud-only hosting.

Because we host a large number of games, we’re able to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

Launch and operate with confidence

Because we're home to over 600 people with credits on many of the most successful games in history, we know what it takes to make a successful game. Alongside our orchestration technology, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading services from domain experts, to ensure you get the hands-on help and advice you need every step of the way.

24/7 monitoring and support

With a global team of game operations specialists in three continents, we have experts monitoring your game all day, every day. Intelligent alerting systems mean issues are identified and resolved without impact to players.

DDoS protection for games

With a long history in game server hosting, we know how dangerous a loss of service, for any reason, can be to your game. With teams and technology in place to rapidly migrate your game to new data centres, we minimise the impact of any attack.

Vetted & managed providers

We source, test and manage a network of over 15 of the best global compute providers. Because we tailor a hosting solution to your needs, you can be sure your players will always be getting the best and most reliable gameplay experience.

Integrated online services

Whether you want to use our online services or bring your own, we’ll make sure your players enjoy a high-quality end-to-end experience.



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Integrate throughout your game’s lifecycle

Early development

Integrating early means it’s easy to test throughout development in your live environment, and because we provide you with a free server during development, you can greatly reduce your launch risks for no additional cost.


We help you plan and prepare for launch: sharing best practices to ensure a smooth launch, running scale tests, and setting up war rooms.


We help you scale up as your game grows, or optimise your hosting costs as demand stabilises. Whatever your situation, we’re sure we can help – please contact us.

Games we’re hosting

“Not only did they provide servers, but also knowledge of scaling multiplayer games. They helped us a lot during the development process. The release of SCUM was a huge success – they tripled the number of servers within hours, helping us reach a total of 70,000 CCU on launch day.”

– Andrej Levenski, Technical Director & Co-Founder, Gamepires. SCUM.

Frequently asked questions

24/7 monitoring and support is included in our pricing. There are no additional support costs.

We support the three main public cloud providers: Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. If you have additional requirements, please contact us.

This is possible on request. For more details, please contact us.

You can use PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and mobile, and you can use any game engine.

It typically only takes a couple of days to get fully set up and familiarised with our platform, and we will provide all the help you need. For porting live games, it can take a little longer (depending on the size), but as an example, we completed the port of Conan Exiles (100K CCU) in under two weeks.

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