Engineering Manager (Platform Foundations), Defence


As we continue the investment in our core product we are in the process of standing up a new team - Platform Foundation. We are looking for an experienced Engineering Manager to come and help shape the team from its early days. The team’s remit is to provide all the foundational services required to run our large scale simulations across various infrastructure settings - public/private clouds, deployed hardware, bare metal or any other combination. Broadly speaking the team will be focusing on services around security, deployment and operations but it’s expected there will be other areas the team will need to be involved to enable the development of the core features of our product.


We have two senior engineers ready to start on the team and the beginnings of a backlog but other than that - everything else will need to be stood which makes this role quite exciting. 

Areas for Impact

  • You will run an important part of our engineering group;  the team underpinning the core of our synthetic environment platform offering.
  • This role not only encompasses coaching and developing a team of top-class engineers, but also contributing to product vision, strategic direction and delivery management.
  • You will grow a team of successful engineers through collaborative development planning, coaching, and empowerment through strategic goals.
  • You will collaborate with other EMs and Senior SWEs/Principals to determine the strategic direction and long-term viability of your software architecture, both from a business and technology standpoint.
  • You will understand the business drivers, functionality requirements, architecture, and technologies behind the products and systems you own and provide context and visibility into the reasoning behind decisions whilst empowering your engineers to independently execute.
  • We expect that, as we scale, that you will scale with the business to take on additional headcount, create sub-teams and grow your remit.
While we think the above experience could be important, we’re keen to hear from people that believe they have valuable experience to bring to the role.

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