Announcing Improbable Multiplayer Services - a major expansion of our offer to game developers


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We’re proud to announce the official launch of our Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS) brand, encompassing backend technologies and professional services designed to assist game developers making online, multiplayer games as a service.

At Improbable, we’re passionate about helping game developers to build their own interactive virtual worlds. From our first product, SpatialOS, through to the acquisition of the game server operations and orchestration specialists at zeuz and the multiplayer co-development studio The Multiplayer Guys, we have continued to advance and enhance our offer to developers.

As game makers ourselves, we know that making multiplayer games is a complex process, and IMS provides an integrated range of technologies and services for game makers aimed at offloading development tasks that can get in the way of making original games and great content.

By combining professional services with its backend technology, Improbable can now provide game makers with end-to-end solutions to common development challenges.

Our professional services offering provides access to subject matter experts, able to provide hands-on design, creation and integration of tailored solutions. This provides game makers with optimal solutions, and removes the burden of evaluating, customising and integrating third party products - giving them the freedom to create.

Introducing IMS

Our IMS offer addresses challenges and common needs which often take time and focus away from core gameplay development for studios making live service games.

  • Game server operations and orchestration solutions - to help studios deliver more performance and cost efficiencies when operating their dedicated server games.
  • Developer effectiveness solutions - to help studios improve their development speed and effectiveness.
  • Live game backend solutions - to help studios implement services for attracting and retaining players.
  • Gameplay enablement solutions - to help studios push beyond traditional game design limits.

We previewed IMS in April, alongside the early access launch of Scavengers, the game from our internal studio Midwinter Entertainment. Working alongside Midwinter Entertainment, Improbable’s technology experts co-developed many of the solutions that are now being offered through IMS to GaaS developers.

IMS Matchmaker

IMS Matchmaker is an example of one of our new backend services, and of the synergy of our technology and professional services.

Midwinter Entertainment wanted to focus on core gameplay, rather than building and managing their own matchmaking solution. However, no third party solution provided the flexibility and rulesets to optimise matchmaking for Scavengers in the way they needed.

WF Rin Team

As we worked alongside Midwinter’s team on Scavengers, we continued to increase our own games expertise with experienced hires and acquisitions. This helped us incorporate an even greater range of knowledge, ideas and potential, to develop new tools and services for games.

The new IMS Matchmaker was developed to meet their needs, and battle-tested through their early access launch, and is now being made available to other studios seeking a similar solution, with flexible rulesets out of the box, and the potential for unlimited flexibility powered by the Open Match framework.

We have also worked with many external studios to refine our engagement model, and deliver combinations of our own and third party technology, combined with the growing numbers and knowledge of our professional services resource.

You can read more about our work by reading case studies on our new IMS website.

Combining technology and professional services

By integrating our existing products - the SpatialOS networking engine and zeuz game server operation and orchestration - with further backend and professional services aimed at developing and operating GaaS games, we can support developers in far more areas.

By ensuring all IMS technologies integrate with one another, we are able to offer synergistic solutions which improve on our standalone solutions.

As part of IMS, SpatialOS - Improbable’s networking engine for innovative, computationally demanding games - will run on zeuz, our cost-effective, container-based server orchestration solution. This means that for the first time developers using SpatialOS will be able to deploy to hybrid hosting, and combine the power of cloud computing with the economy of bare metal, delivering the same possibilities at a greatly reduced cost.

Other products such as IMS Matchmaker can likewise be integrated, to provide as extensive a solution as your GaaS project needs.

Our existing and future SpatialOS and zeuz customers will get the same innovative technology, but with new options and solutions enabled by the other technology and services within IMS.

With IMS, we are changing the game, by offering end-to-end solutions combining technology and professional services, and enabling developers to offload tasks like evaluating and integrating products, freeing up time and in-house skills to focus on making great games.

Whatever live service game you are making, we believe we can help you to be more effective, more efficient and more successful with a services offering specifically designed for you. We’re excited to announce this major expansion of our offer.

To learn more about IMS, check out our new IMS website, or to talk to one of our multiplayer experts at

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