The cost of creativity: balancing innovation with commercial success

10 November 2020

We talk with multiplayer game veterans Keith Warner, Aaryn Flynn and Patrick Rose to discuss questions crucial to fun, successful and profitable game development.

Our Gender Pay Gap Information, 2019 and 2020

5 April 2020

In the interests of transparency and best practice, and our commitment to diversity, we are sharing our gender pay gap and other relevant information for 2019 & 2020

Improbable - Responding to the coronavirus

20 March 2020

Improbable is taking active measures to ensure the safety of its people and the good running of its services during the period of uncertainty relating to coronavirus.

SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Continuous Integration at Improbable

6 March 2020

A team’s journey to effect a company-wide set of changes to make continuous integration (CI) not just better but great.

Improbable games update

4 March 2020

Since Improbable will not be able to attend GDC in March due to its postponement, this is an update on our games tech and game studios.

Welcoming Dan Odell, our new CFO

21 February 2020

Dan Odell has joined Improbable as Chief Financial Officer

Improbable announces acquisition of German managed hosting company zeuz

5 February 2020

zeuz, a managed hosting service used by the makers of hit online games SCUM and Conan Exiles, joins Improbable’s leading-edge suite of multiplayer services for developers

Keeping your multiplayer game design flexible

17 December 2019

SpatialOS enables developers to alter their game design easily, before and after launch.

Improbable expands existing partnership with Google Cloud

21 November 2019

Google Cloud supports Improbable and the SpatialOS multiplayer platform.

Community spotlight: Wizard's Wrath by DragonfiAR

20 November 2019

Wizard’s Wrath is a SpatialOS fantasy game where FPS meets RTS in a massively multiplayer living world.