Scavengers enters Early Access

Introducing Improbable Multiplayer Services

Battle-tested alongside Scavengers, Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS) is an ever-evolving ecosystem of tools and services dedicated to optimising how games as a service are built and operated.

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Under the surface of Scavengers

The first title from our in-house studios, Scavengers is a new kind of shooter where players fight for survival in a world ravaged by ice storms and swarming with hostile AI. Find out how Midwinter Entertainment worked with Improbable Multiplayer Services to make it all possible.

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Overcome any multiplayer challenge

Need help with distributed physics or open world generation? How about the infrastructure and tooling for operating a GaaS? The Multiplayer Guys are the only co-development studio focussed exclusively on multiplayer game solutions.

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Enhancing defence and national security

Together with our ecosystem of partners, Improbable’s defence business is helping governments and defence organisations meet the fluid, fast-moving and endlessly complex security challenges they face.

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